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Expert consultancy Services -  counselling services offers counselling and advice services to  help you defeat any form of hindrance that is stopping you from moving forward,  doing your job well,  career ladder progression and growth.  Asking for help is no weakness but an open door to your  freedom and success.  No matter the situation or your circumstances, you need someone  who is advanced and  experienced as well as,  to be readily available as your mentor whom you would  quickly turn to whenever you need guidance.

Counselling Services for Online Counselling:  Available 24/7 to  help.


What is counselling?

Counselling  is a professional service provided by trained and qualified counsellors who talk and listen to you express your troubles. The counsellor then helps you to work through the issues you raised in order to understand how to tackle the worrying problem and assist you with overcoming the problems and becoming yourself again.


Counselling service would explore your problems and help you work on the way forward without you dwelling  much on the causes of your unhappiness which  affects your courage or ability to make changes that should help you to move on with your life and prosper.  Life would not be beneficial if you allow your problems to destroy you when you are not getting the professional counselling  that would assist you when faced with sad situations or a destructive relationship.  The final decision is yours to make  and not for your counsellor to make  decisions for you.


As well as effectively helping with difficult life changing relationship problems, marriage counselling and family counselling equally benefit from counselling healing process when approached as soon as signs of misunderstanding or disagreements start to show. There are many reasons why marriages and relationships encounter disagreements that trigger conflicts or divorce; some of them are: lack of communication, indifference to the feelings of the other, job loss, bereavement, additional children or parental responsibilities, infidelity, work stress level or financial issues which gradually leads to depression and affects  health and wellbeing.  Whatever the reasons behind your own problems or relationships falling apart, counselling is the remedy for fixing things.

How Counselling services could help:

Counselling services is a confidential and professional service offered by a trained and qualified counsellor who listens to you express your troubles. Counselling has benefits and guides you to understand the difficulties that are giving you sleepless nights thereby affecting your health, opportunities and potentials.  In our lives, we sometimes come across very difficult situations such as relationship problems, bereavement, marriage problems, family problems, work-related stress or lack of confidence that need professional attention to achieve satisfactory solutions. The counsellor then helps you  to work through the issues you raised. Through counselling, the counsellor explores, understands and plans how to tackle your worrying problems in order to assist you to make changes and work towards overcoming the problems and becoming yourself  again without disturbed mind. Counselling is the way forward and encourages the ability to make changes that help you to prosper; only when you have come forward to ask for help because, problem shared is a problem solved. This counselling service is readily available to share your problems and also, to help you solve your problems successfully.  


Online Counselling:

Through online counselling, clients receive similar service as that offered on an offline counselling service at the  practice but, through Skype counselling, email counselling, telephone counselling and instant chat. The difference is that clients receive counselling services from the comfort of their own home or surrounding. The use of technology and the internet have made life easier for clients to get support for their wide range of psychological problems, within hours and without months on long waiting list.   The  online counselling service enables clients to access counselling without stressful waiting or traveling.  At the practice offline counselling sessions, some clients are not comfortable to discuss their problems. Through online counselling, you may prefer to remain anonymous and you could also spend time to write down your worries well in advance before your session starts without hurrying or forgetting what you had planned to say to your counsellor which would help your counsellor with the idea of how to give you therapeutic support. 

The areas of counselling covered are in: 

  • Relationship counselling
  • Marriage counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Stress counselling
  • Pre-marriage counselling

  • Advice service for personal development:
  •  mentoring and coaching sessions 
  • Confidence building
  • Low self-esteem
  • Parenting
  • Work-related problems
  • Leadership problems 

This private counselling and advice service is offered to clients  via: 

  • Email counselling: email counselling involves the exchange of emails with your counsellor for each session. Unlike other methods of counselling service offered on this page, email counselling gives you the opportunity to write down  the issues you wish your counsellor to help you with well in advance before sending the email to your counsellor. Your counsellor would spend enough time to read, explore and work on your description of the problems you are going through, write and send therapeutic email reply back to you.
  • Text counselling , instant chat advice, Skype messaging: This  instant messaging counselling service is when you communicate with your counsellor through text messaging and downloading Skype to chat about your problems. You would get immediate chat replies. 
  • Skype video: face-to-face counselling: Unlike the face-to-face practice offline counselling sessions when you would just turn up to your appointment; Skype video face-to-face counselling requires you to log in at the same time as your counsellor at scheduled times.  Your computer should have a webcam and you need a microphone in order to use Skype as well as, you downloading Skype on to your device and creating a Skype ID/name.
  • Telephone  counselling: This  telephone counselling session requires you to schedule your counselling sessions when you would not be disturbed while on the phone during the duration of your  telephone counselling sessions.
  • Skype call counselling:  This is a service when faces would not be revealed during the counselling sessions. You would need to download Skype free to your device and create a Skype ID/name to use the service.

 Your computer needs a webcam and/or microphone in order to use Skype.
Download Skype to your device for free from the Skype website by following this link.  

You will receive quick responses as soon as possible or within 24 hours.

Where there is a will, there is a way:

Free yourself from worries and sleepless nights. Get in touch as soon as possible for professional help to cope with your problems. Feel free to seek counselling today.  Depending on the depth of your problems, you would need six sessions to start with; counselling sessions could last from few weeks to several months. You could decide to have one session a week.  You should also decide when to stop receiving counselling due to how happy you feel or how manageable your situation has become.  Be brave!  Delay is dangerous. Get your freedom from stressful concerns and allow your counsellor to help you get happiness back to your life through therapeutic treatment. 

About the counsellor: 

 My name is Dr Christiana Eke, BA (Hons), MBA, PhD.  I am a trained and qualified London counsellor with over 22 years practice and experience offering confidential advice  and counselling service  to help  individuals,  employees,  youths, couples and families to overcome the difficulties they face in their lives. 


I would not judge or criticise  but to empathise with you and help  you feel better.

 Prices for each session                                                                             Discount prices:  3% off any six sessions block booking

Email Counselling session: 

£46.00 per email exchange counselling session.

How it works:

  • write down the description of your concerns in an email and send it to me at this email address: to start your email counselling session. Please write as much as you could in order to enable me understand your problems and work on your case.
  • make a payment
  •  I would work on your email; you would receive my therapeutic replies to your emails  before or within 24 hours
  • each of my explored email reply to you is a complete email counselling session.

 A lot of companies do not give their staff one hour lunch break. I hereby honor requests to offer short minutes sessions for workers on 30 minutes break.

Instant chat advice session

£31.00 per 25 minutes session via text chat or Skype messaging.

How it works:

  • Make a payment
  • Send a text message to telephone number: 07908302236 to start chatting or to arrange a more convenient time to start your instant chat session.

Telephone  counselling or Skype call session:

£34.00 per 25 minutes telephone or Skype call counselling session  

How it works:

  •  Make a payment

 call telephone number: +44 (0) 2088501489 to  give me few outline of your problem and why you need telephone or Skype call counselling  and  for us to agree on a convenient session time for you

Face-to-face Skype video counselling session  

Individual:                       £69.00  per 50 minutes session         

Couples:                      £126.00  per 50 minutes session

Family (3/4 people)     £190.00  per 60 minutes session  

How it works:

  •  Make a payment
  • call Skype ID: Xtiana Ebusiness to start your sessions or to arrange the best time for your Skype counselling sessions to begin. If no reply when you call,  send a text message to +44 (0) 7908302236 or email me at: to say when you are ready for me to call you back to start your session.

Clients are not surcharged.

Use either of these secured payment links below on, WorldPay or PayPal to make a payment.