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Private tuition

Private tuition


Expert Consultancy Services offers private tuition, English tutoring via Skype for school children in Key Stages 1, 2, 3, 4. Private tuition in Eltham (SE9) London UK for local and international students. Join our English home tuition online from the comfort of your own home. Expert Consultancy Services private tuition maintains rigorous standard in tutoring which motivates students in achieving high grades hence higher percentage of excellent examination results. The experienced English tutor aims to meet the learning requirements and according to the speed of the students. The high level of motivation students receive from their private tutor is very inspirational towards them studying and targeting past their current grades at school.

Expert Consultancy Services believe that private tuition contributes to the progress most students make in their quest for desired career goals. Expert Consultancy Services prides itself on relentless efforts in building great learning ambition, aspiration and interests that often yield fantastic results. Great attention is given to the exceptional private tuition provided for the achievement of students’ academic success hence their parents’ appreciation for the satisfactory solutions that contributed to their children’s career aims.


Your tutor:


CRB Checked (Criminal records checked)


Subject:   English

Online class: Group:                 Prices from £12.50 an hour.          

Online one-to-one tuition:         Prices from £47.00 an hour.

Contact by email with your requirements for example: group class, one-to-one, time, day. Provide details on: age, Key Stages 1 – 4 (GCSE).  Flexible times to meet clients’ demands.  (Subject to availability).


ESL (English as second language) course beginner to advanced levels: visit for further details. Click on this link <<<< ESL Courses all levels.


All students:     £30.00 registration fee.


Note:  The registration form is under Private Tuition on the menu above, place your mouse on the private tuition to see and click on the registration.


How the private tuition works:

  • REGISTRATION FORM. The registration form is under Private Tuition on the menu above, place your mouse on the private tuition to see and click on the registration.
  • complete the registration form
  • expect email reply within 24 hours in regards to availability
  •  when you receive an availability confirmed email on the day and time required, pay the full payment for the number of private tuition sessions you want to book in order to secure your order
  • a payment received email would be sent to confirm the booking


Counselling: Emotional problems affect performance and success.  For confidential help with wide range of psychological problems, seek help from this qualified counsellor now. Click on this link: <<<< Counselling  for further details on how to get help. No waiting list.


Terms and condition – Non-refundable payments:

Payments for the services provided to you by Expert Consultancy Services are non-refundable.
After any availability has been confirmed to you, booked and paid for, the payment made is not refundable. The reason for this is because, the availability could have been booked for other students who may need it. However, in terms of an emergency for Expert Consultancy Services or you; 48 hours notice should be given by either party in order to cancel a booked date and reschedule another available date for you.


Payment method:

Please click onto either of the secured payment links below to purchase the service.


NOTE: If you want to make your payment directly into a bank account or online bank transfer, please contact me by email for details.

Students are not surcharged.


Use either of these secured payment links below on, WorldPay or PayPal to make a payment.


Enter the total amount due in the box for example, 9 for £9 and click the link:   

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