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Counselling Services

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Welcome to Expert Consultancy Services - Counselling Services page.

Dr Christiana Eke BA (Hons), MBA, PhD is a trained and qualified counsellor with many years of experience in providing both offline and online counselling and advice services to clients. 

This service is to provide help for clients who frequently have wide range of psychological problems such as those that particularly occur in relationships, marriages, families, lack of confidence building, parenting advice, work-related stress or low self-esteem. 

24/7 online counselling services via:  email counselling, text counselling, instant chat advice, Skype call/telephone counselling and face-to-face video call counselling sessions. 


Confidentiality guaranteed.

Prices are as follows: 

Email Counselling:    £26.00 (per email counselling session)

How it works:

  • make a payment
  • describe the problems that give you concern in your email,
  • send your email with the description to: info@expertconsultancyservices.co.uk as soon as you can
  • your concerns would be explored and you would receive a reply to your email description within 24 hours
  • the counsellor's explored email reply to each of the client's email description of their problems is a complete session

Chat Advice:      £16.00  (20 minutes session) via text, chat or Skype messaging.                                                          

 How it works:

  • make a payment
  • send a chat or text message to phone number: 07908302236 to arrange a convenient time to chat with you.  

Telephone or Skype call.     £42.00 (50 minutes counselling session)

How it works:

  • make a payment
  • call telephone number: 02088501489 to agree a convenient session time.

Face-to-face Skype video   £55.00 (50 minutes counselling session)

How it works:

  • make a payment
  • send a Skype message to Skype ID: Xtiana Ebusiness to arrange the best time for your counselling session. 

 Face-to-face offline counselling sessions:   

 £55.00 Individual (50 minutes session)  

£90.00  Couple      (50 minutes session)

Waiting list applies.

How it works:

  • Email to make an appointment
  • make a payment via PayPal and use the email address: info@expertconsultancyservices.co.uk for your payment
  • Notice: 48 hours cancellation of an appointment is required to reschedule.