Terms and Conditions

Data protection and privacy policy: 

Your personal data originally gathered when you provided your details for the purpose of the services provided to you by Expert Consultancy Services, either through email address, telephone number or Skype name/ID is secured; would remain confidential and only be used for the purpose of administration and service provision.  Your personal data would not be shared with third parties nor used for marketing purposes and would be deleted as soon as possible, on the date you completed the sessions that related to you providing your personal details or the service you paid to receive from Expert Consultancy Services.   

Terms and Conditions: 

Payments for the services provided to you by Expert Consultancy Services are non-refundable. 

In terms of the private tuition service, after any availability has been confirmed to you, booked and paid for, the payment made is not refundable. The reason for this is because, the availability could have been booked for other students who may need it. However,  in terms of an  emergency for Expert Consultancy Services or you; 48 hours notice should be given by either party in order to cancel a booked date and reschedule another available date for you.