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Typing services

Typing services

Expert Consultancy Services offers typing services for clients to meet deadlines. Typing services when less staff are required. Businesses outsource typing services for certain duties and this is where the typing services at Expert Consultancy become handy. We are based in Eltham (SE9) London UK. The typing services at Expert Consultancy Services is also available to individuals who are capable to type their own documents but are too busy to meet deadlines hence making use of the typing services offered by Expert Consultancy Services to complete the tasks required.


Word processing typing services

Correcting minor spelling and grammar mistakes in documents.


How it works:

  • contact by email to say what document you want to be typed
  • expect email reply within 24 hours
  • if there is an availability to type your document, you would be required to send an email attachment of the document. You could also post your document to the contact address on this website and include the following:
  • specify how many pages of the document you require and if you require the document delivered to you through the post office or email attachment
  • expected date for delivery
  • postal address
  • a contact name
  • a phone number

50% deposit or full payment is required before the work starts.

The typed document would be delivered in an email attachment or through the post office by recorded delivery service according to your request.

Documents that require delivery by post would require additional charges to cover costs for stationery, printing out and registered postage; the additional charges would be communicated to you.

Rates are as follows:

  • £9.00 a page typing from a printed text
  • £10.00 a page typing from a handwritten script
  • £15.00 a page for typing a CV
  • £9.00 for typing a letter
  • £18.00 a page for typing a business letter
  • £15.00 a page for typing a document with some figures
  • £22.00 a page for typing a document full of figures

The rate charged for minor correction made during typing service is, an additional £2.50 per page.

Print out of extra pages from the typed documents are:

  • Colour: £0.80 a page
  • Black and white: £0.55 a page

Clients are not surcharged.

Use either of these secured payment links below on, WorldPay or PayPal to make a payment.

Enter the total amount due in the box for example, 9 for £9 and click the link:

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