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About Us

First of all, Expert Consultancy Services has good business and management skills, also high quality standard of services as well as, non-judgmental stance. Above all, the unique thing about us is that, Expert Consultancy Services is highly qualified and notably experienced in solving problems. Therefore, Expert Consultancy Services solves most noteworthy problems for businesses and individuals in order to meet their requirements. These problems range from many strategical, psychological, educational and organisational aspects.

About Us: Our Aim

Second of all, Expert Consultancy Services is really passionate about achieving excellent results especially for clients. Furthermore, in order to achieve satisfactory solutions, we work through dedication and relentless efforts in helping clients to find  solutions. The perfect solutions strategy that Expert Consultancy Services applies has good results when counselling, advising, mentoring, coaching and tutoring. Expert Consultancy Services problem solving skills certainly motivate and encourage our clients in their confidence building, personal development and aspirations.  

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Below are links to all the services offered by Expert Consultancy Services which are based on trust. Our clients’ needs and successful results are met coupled with the highest level of confidentiality, accuracy and efficiency we provide. Expert Consultancy Services guarantees excellent results and appropriate satisfactory solutions for the respective problems handled for our clients respectfully.

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The owner:

About Us

About the owner:

The founder-CEO of Expert Consultancy Services is Dr Christiana Eke BA (Hons), MBA, PhD. Christiana is a passionate person who is hardworking, disciplined and likes quality work done when required without delay. The Founder really likes meeting new people, hearing about what troubles them and helping to work out suitable solutions. In addition to her heavy workload, Christiana enjoys cooking, hosting and spending quality time with her family and friends. Dr Eke has over 27 years experience in business and general management services hence her extensive knowledge in different types of businesses. Christiana started her professional career as a management consultant and has diversified into a serial entrepreneur – managing different business ventures. The CEO surely has experience in handling and solving numerous problem areas as well as providing training and giving advice to corporate and individual clients on the following issues:

  • corporate, strategic and general management challenges
  • personal development
  • mentoring and coaching
  • confidence building
  • career problems
  • parenting
  • work-related problems
  • leadership problems
  • training managers
  • business set up advice

Finally, whatever your problems or because you need some support to do more work, do not hesitate to contact. Expert Consultancy Services certainly helps for the reason that clients deserve satisfactory solutions at reasonable prices.