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Founder-CEO: Dr Christiana Eke BA (Hons), MBA, PhD.

Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy

What we offer

Management Consultancy

Exert Consultancy Services offers management consultancy service to companies, small and medium sized businesses in general management issues. Also, we provide effective advice and leadership goals for companies – small and medium sized enterprises within their managerial requirements. Our service is to provide equally important management consultancy for clients to achieve satisfactory solutions in uniquely organisational challenges too. Adequately well advanced management consultancy skills in strategically supporting businesses especially with issues affecting performance and growth.

Our aims

Equally important, Expert Consultancy Services aims to support and guide businesses to grow and continue to grow. With over 27 years experience in management, business and administrative issues,  again, Expert Consultancy Services is not far from detecting and solving clients’ problems. We are especially dedicated to being additionally available and helping in responsibilities that require high level of strategic skills. Similarly, we aim to provide external and expertise support with strategic advice that organisations and businesses require to achieve targeted goals. Moreover, to provide efficient management consultancy service with the knowledge to oversee the operations carried out in companies hence, lowering their costs. Also, to reduce stress or depression for employers and their workforce and achieve happiness and well-being for everyone.


Provides skilled and diversified services that empower individuals to perform their duties at highest standard and outside their business environments. Equally important is encouragement for start up ventures due to expert experiences because, whenever required, it is helpful to explain. You would be pointed in the right direction of guaranteed professionalism at comparatively competitive rates too for satisfactory solutions.

Business relationship

Finally, our good listening and problem-solving skills also encourage confidence building in clients to persevere and successful in their aspirations. Furthermore, working together as a team to achieve effective results in order to accomplish unique goals for seeking Management Consultancy. Expert Consultancy Services thereby, maintains lasting business relationship with respective clients who have achieved satisfactory solutions to their problems.


Above all, contact us any time by email and include your Skype Username/ID to enable you communicate with us by Skype.  However, for the purpose of  a quick reply, try including a brief description of your needs. Let us talk about ways to help you or your business via Skype consultation too. By all means, expect email reply within 24 hours.

When you need help at the present time with relationship problems, marriage problems, family problems, bereavement, stress at work or any psychological problems as can be seen, click on the counselling link below for details on different methods of getting help under those circumstances provided that you equally need help. Click here << Counselling.


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