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In the first place, welcome to Expert Consultancy Services – online counselling services.  

We are open 24/7.

Contact details: 


Telephone:                           02088501489

Mobile:                                  07908302236

What method is online counselling services offered?

Online counselling services is offered via email counselling exchange, instant chat messaging, telephone counselling, Skype counselling – Skype call and above all, face to face Skype video. The counselling service is uniquely provided by Dr Christiana Eke, the trained London counsellor listens to clients express their troubles. To put it differently, the counsellor in order words, helps as a matter of fact, by exploring the issues that clients present. By the same token, Dr Eke works through clients’ mentioned psychological challenges as much as possible to support them work on the way forward regardless.

How online counselling services can help

To emphasize, online counselling services is comparatively confidential like offline counselling as well as, helps clients find solutions to problems too. Online Counselling Services has benefits and it also guides clients to understand the difficulties that are giving them sleepless nights. In other words, the counsellor would above all, assist clients to also work through the issues they raised.

Online counselling services

In general, although clients notably receive by all means, similar counselling service as that provided offline at the practice. Furthermore, the difference is that clients receive counselling services from the comfort of their own home or surrounding. Furthermore, the use of technology and the internet have additionally made life easier for clients to equally get support for psychological problems. Comparatively, online counselling service enables clients to access therapeutic support without travelling regardless of their geographic location. Of course, notwithstanding their own surrounding relaxation moreover, for fear that they face embarrassment in expressing their problems at the offline counselling clinic too.

The online counselling services at Expert Consultancy Services is confidential.   Furthermore, clients by all means, may choose to remain anonymous instead.

However, some of the areas of problems covered are in:

  • Relationship counselling
  • Marriage counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Stress counselling
  • Youth counselling
  • Depression
  • Crisis/Trauma
  • Low Self Esteem

About the counsellor:

In the first place, my name is Dr Christiana Eke, BA (Hons), MBA, PhD. Furthermore, as well as my other careers, I am a trained and qualified counsellor. Additionally, I have of course, over 22 years experience in my practice offering confidential counselling service for clients. Equally important is also my services to clients such as small and medium sized companies, individuals, couples and families. I help clients to likewise overcome the difficulties they notwithstanding, face in their businesses, lives and/or work related problems too.

It is important to realize that there are different methods here to receive my help and reasonable price options in the same way to choose from. 

 Email Counselling session. 

 Option 1.                 

 £30.00 per email exchange counselling session.

Option  2.                 

£20.00 per email exchange counselling session.   Discount for students

How it works:

  • In detail, use email address: to send your email to me with the description of your problems.  
  • Equally important is payment of the due mount at the end of this page.
  • Likewise, upon receipt of your payment, I would work on your email contents.Correspondingly, expect my therapeutic email replies rather quickly. Not only would you receive my reply as quickly as possible after I have spent an hour on the issue but also, within 24 hours regardless.
  • Besides, each of my email reply to the email you send to me is above all, a complete email counselling session.

 Instant chat counselling via WhatsApp chat, also text or Skype messaging.

 Option 3.

£50.00  per 50 minutes session.

Option  4.                       

£40.00 per 50 minutes session. Discount for students.

How it works:

  • usually, we chat via WhatsApp, text or Skype messaging
  • in the first place, pay the due amount at the end of this page.
  • then send a chat message to telephone number: +44 (0) 7908302236 to provide your telephone number or Skype username/ID if by Skype. Furthermore, you may want to clarify the convenient time for you too. Ordinarily, if the time you specified is not available, surely other times would be equally made available for you too.

Telephone or Skype call counselling.  

 Option 5.                       

£50.00 per 50 minutes session.

Option 6.                       

£45.00 per 50 minutes session.  Discount for students.                          

  How it works:

  • likewise, pay the due amount at the end of this page
  • then text your telephone number or Skype name/ID to 07908302236 coupled with an outline of your problems. Meanwhile, try to explain why you need telephone or Skype call counselling and to clarify the convenient time for you. If the time is not available, usually other times would be provided for you to choose from.

Face-to-face Skype video counselling.  

Option 7.   

Individual counselling:                                  £50.00  per 50 minutes session.

Option 8.   

Discount for students                                     £45.00 per 50 minutes session.

Option 9:                                                 

Couple counselling                                         £90.00 per 50 minutes session.  

Option 10:     

Family counselling for 3 or 4 people.         £152.00 per 90 minutes session.

How it works:

    • as well as paying the due amount at the end of this page,
    • to pay direct into a bank account or online transfer, request details by email
    • additionally, use this telephone number: 07908302236 to provide your Skype username/ID by text and to clarify the convenient time you like. Of course, if no time is available, choose from other times that would be provided.

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Online Counselling Service

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Note: if you wish to pay direct into a bank account or online transfer, request details by email.

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